About Nederburg wines!

by Kumar Melvani


It all began in 1791; a journey of discovery with the love of winemaking at heart. Philippus Wolvaart, a man of courage and vision, bought the farm that lay between the Berg and Palmiet rivers for 5600 guilder. Hand in hand with his wife, Margaretha, they nurtured the land and built a strong foundation on which the success of Nederburg was to flourish.

Nederburg is South Africa's most decorated name in wine, with more prizes and accolades than any other winery in the country. Cellarmaster, Andrea Freeborough will tell you that she and her team don't make wines to win awards but to please people's palates.


Here’s a the range available at Park Street Gourmet:

The Winemasters: Explore our handpicked Winemasters collection, each bottle a memoir in itself. This premium selection honours generations of wine masters collaborating with the elements of nature. A delightful ensemble, a lingering taste at the mercy of the cosmos can be found in every sip.


Manor House: Home of our original wine master, these varietal wines take their name from the beautiful Cape Dutch home that Nederburgs founder built for him and his wife in 1800. Sadly, just two years before the home was complete, his wife passed away, leaving him alone in his pride. Beautifully proportioned, the Manor House mirrors the fine balance of the range. Only available at the Nederburg winery.


Heritage Heroes: This limited-edition gourmet range celebrates the story of Nederburgs Heritage Heroes. Their story began in 1791, when Philippus Wolvaart - The Anchorman, tamed the wilderness and established the Nederburg farm. Following in his footsteps, Johann Graue - The Brewmaster, then acquired the land in 1937. In preparation to succeed him, he trained his beloved son, The Young Airhawk. It was a sad day when his son passed in a light airplane crash. With her grace and elegance, his mother, The Beautiful Lady, revived the spirit of the winery


Ingenuity: A fusion of interesting tastes from our Winemaster. Ingenuity is Nederburgs platform for innovation and houses exciting new blends combined in interesting new ways. This ensemble is an expression of skilled and inventive winemaking intended to explore new pleasures of taste. Acelebration of craftsmanship and originality, there is a story in every sip.